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  • ***CYSC online tryout registration is OPEN through April 4th***Existing and new players should register now.***Mandatory parent meeting on 4/30 for parents of NEW and EXISTING players. (Meeting times listed on right hand side)***Tryout schedule below***
Games This Week

TRYOUT SCHEDULE: As of 2/2/17.   DATES AND TIMES ARE SET IN STONE, but due to unforseeable events are always subject to change.  Please check this website for updated information.  Changes listed in BOLD.

  • Check in for tryouts will be via drop off at Amsterdam Field #1. (Directions above -under "fields")
  • In the event of a rainout Saturday 5/13, tryouts will take place at Armonk Indoor with potential time changes
  • If two tryouts are listed for your age group you are expected to attend BOTH tryouts

U9 Girls - Born in 2009 - Sunday 5/7 6:15pm-7:45pm at 7B Lower 6pm drop off

      (U9 raindate 5/7 at Armonk Indoor at 4pm OR possibly 5/21 at 7B Lower)

U10 Girls – Born in 2008- Saturday 5/13 7:15am-8:30am at Amsterdam (7am drop off)

U11 Girls – Born in 2007 - Saturday 5/13 8:30am-9:45am at Amsterdam (8:15 drop off)

U12 Girls – Born in 2006 - Saturday 5/13 11:15am-12:30pm at Amsterdam (11:00 drop off)

U13 Girls – Born in 2005 - Saturday 5/13 2:00pm-3:15pm at Amsterdam (1:45 drop off)
U14 Girls – Born in 2004 - Friday 5/5 5:15pm-6:30 at Upper Gedney (arrive 5pm) (Raindate TBD)

U9 Boys-Born in 2009- Sunday 5/7 at Amsterdam 6:15-7:45pm (5:55 drop off)

  (U9 raindate 5/7 at Armonk Indoor at 5:30 pm OR possibly 5/21 at Amsterdam at 6:15pm)

U10 Boys – Born in 2008 - Saturday 5/13 4:45pm-6:15pm at Amsterdam (drop off 4:25)

U11 Boys – Born in 2007 - Saturday 5/13 3:15pm-4:45pm at Amsterdam (drop off 2:55)

U12 Boys – Born in 2006 -  Saturday 5/13 9:45am - 11:15am at Amsterdam (9:25 drop off)
U13 Boys – Born in 2005 – Saturday 5/13 12:30-2:00pm at Amsterdam (drop off 12:15)
U14 Boys – Born in 2004  - Friday 5/5  3:30pm - 5pm Upper Gedney(arrive 3:15)(Raindate TBD)




A record finish with 7 CYSC teams U11-U14 winning their division!!!

(Remember the WYSL doesn’t recognize the winners of U9-U10)

No other club came close as we have 37% of our teams finishing at the top.

Congratulations to the following teams:

BU11 Blaze 

BU12 Falcons 

BU14 Red Devils 

BU14 Wolves 

GU11 Comets 

GU12 Thunder 

GU13 Jaguars 



2016-2017. Board Meetings:Town Hall Room C all meetings at 8pm unless noted

Tuesday August 30 Coaches Meeting  UPSTAIRS ASSEMBLY ROOM- 8pm

Monday September 26

Monday November 14

Monday December 12

Monday January 9

Monday February 6

Monday March 6 - Parent meeting for players born in 2009 (7pm) and 2008 (7:45pm)

Monday March 27 Coaches meeting Town Hall Upstairs 8pm.

Sunday April 30 - MANDATORY parent tryout meetings (for parents of new AND existing players) at TOWN HALL in the large assembly room.

Please note different times for boys/girls and ages. (For families with multiple players you will need to attend multiple times. Sorry!) One parent from each family must attend.

B2005 5:30
G2006/G2005 6
all 2009 6:30
B2008 7
B2007/B2006 7:30
G2008/G2007 8
B2004/G2004 8:30


Monday May 1

Thursday June 1



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