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Club activities are directed by the Officers and other members of the Board of Directors all of who are unpaid volunteers. Since its inception, the Club has appointed soccer professionals to assist in the development of our programs.

The Officers and Directors of the Club for the current school year are:


Board of Directors
Lisa McGowan, Co-President
David Schreiber, Co-President
Glenn Spiegel, Vice-President
Jim Bergin, Treasurer
Stacey Reynolds, Registrar
Linda Bosco
David Stern sternda@aol.com
Jay Goldstein jay.goldstein.58@gmail.com
Jared Fragin jared.fragin@gmail.com
Josh Mikesell jmikesell12@gmail.com
Chip Parsons
Joelle Andersen joelle4kids@gmail.com
Jeff Tochner
Gerard Mullen mullen.gerard@gmail.com
Rob Miller



Age Group Coordinators
U9   Boys
Jim Bergin and Jared Fragin
U9   Girls Jim Bergin and Joelle Anderson
U10 Boys

David Schreiber and Gerard Mullen

U10 Girls
Stacey Reynolds and Rob Miller
U11 Boys Chip Parsons
U11 Girls
Josh Mikesell
U12 Boys
David Stern
U12 Girls
Josh Mikesell
U13 Boys
Jeff Tochner
U13 Girls
Linda Bosco
U14 Boys

Jeff Tochner

U14 Girls Stacey Reynolds
Boys and Girls HS David Schreiber


Club Development Lisa McGowan
  David Schreiber
  Glenn Spiegel
Coaching David Schreiber
Fields Lisa McGowan
  David Schreiber
Field Marshals Josh Mikesell
Seven Bridges Chip Parsons
Westorchard Jim Bergin
Amsterdam 1 and 2 Jeff Tochner
Financial Aid Jim Bergin
  David Schreiber
Equipment and Uniforms Linda Bosco
Charity Stacey Reynolds
HS Boys Program David Schreiber
HS Girls Program David Schreiber
Ball Boy/Girl Program Jim Bergin
Preseason Camp David Schreiber
  Lisa McGowan
Referees Stacey Reynolds
Registrar Stacey Reynolds
Scores Reporting Linda Bosco
Training and Trainers David Schreiber
Goalie Training Glenn Spiegel
Handbook and Club Materials David Schreiber
Treasurer Jim Bergin
Tryouts Lisa McGowan
  David Schreiber
  Jay Goldstein
Website David Schreiber