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  • ****CYSC Tryout registration is OPEN thru Sunday April 1st. PLEASE REGISTER by clicking registration on the left hand side of this page.**** MANDATORY PARENT MEETINGS ON SUNDAY APRIL 28TH - DETAILS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THIS PAGE****
Games This Week

TRYOUT SCHEDULE: As of 3//10/19  DATES AND TIMES ARE SET IN STONE, but due to unforseeable events are always subject to change.  Please check this website for updated information.  Changes listed in BOLD.

  • Check in (and pick up) for  tryouts will be via drop off at Amsterdam Field #1 
  • 2011 parents may park andwalk thier child to the field
  • You will be directed around the rotary at Amsterdam for drop off/pick up - PLEASE CARPOOL : )
  • There will be PLENTY of adults to help your child
  • If two tryouts are listed for your age group you are expected to attend BOTH tryouts
    • In the event of a rainout tryouts will take place at Armonk Indoor with potential time changes
    • Reminder: NO CLEATS AT ARMONK -sneakers or turf shoes permitted
    • DROP OFF: Please walk your child to the door at Armonk, but do not enter. (CYSC will have plenty of adults to help your child)
    • PICK UP: Please wait for your child at the covered picnic area -opposite the Armonk Indoor playground. 


U9 Girls - Born in 2011 - Saturday 5/4 5:30-7pm at Amsterdam (5:10 drop off)
U10 Girls – Born in 2010- Saturday 5/4 12:30-1:45pm at Amsterdam (12:15pm drop off)

U11 Girls – Born in 2009- Saturday 5/4 8:15-9:30am at Amsterdam (8am drop off)

U12 Girls – Born in 2008 - Saturday 5/4 1:45-3pm at Amsterdam (1:30pm drop off)

U13 Girls – Born in 2007 - Saturday 5/4 3-4:15 pm at Amsterdam (2:45pm drop off)
U14 Girls – Born in 2006 - Monday 4/29 4:00-5:30pm at Upper Gedney (3:45pm drop off)

U9 Boys-Born in 2011 - Saturday 5/4  5:30-7pm at Amsterdam (5:10 drop off)

U10 Boys – Born in 2010 - Saturday 5/4 7-8:15am at Amsterdam (6:45am drop off)

U11 Boys – Born in 2009 - Saturday 5/4 4:15-5:30pm at Amsterdam (4pm drop off)

U12 Boys – Born in 2008 -  Saturday 5/4 11:15-12:45pm at Amsterdam (11am drop off)
U13 Boys – Born in 2007 – Saturday 5/4 9:30-11:15am  at Amsterdam (9:15am  drop off)
U14 Boys – Born in 2006  - Monday 4/29  5:30-6:45pm Upper Gedney (5:15 drop off)

WYSL Medical Form

Click HERE for medical form


2018-2019. Board Meetings:Town Hall Room C all meetings at 8pm unless noted

3/3 Parent dial in meeting for players born in 2011 at 8pm


Monday March 26 Coaches meeting Town Hall Upstairs 8pm.


Sunday EVENING April 28 - MANDATORY parent tryout meetings (for parents of new AND existing players) at TOWN HALL in the large assembly room.

Please note different times for ages. (For families with multiple players you will need to attend multiple times. Sorry!) One parent from each family must attend.

All 2011/U9

All 2010/U10 6:15pm
All 2009/U11 6:45pm
All 2008/U12 7:15pm
All 2007/U13 7:45pm
All 2006/U14 8:15pm



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